Desert Dream 21.04.21

I found my self in an every-desert. Hot, vast and parched. I was busying myself in an oasis buzzing with wildlife, filming the unusual native animals. Filming or watching. It was all unclear.The wild life was comprised of hybrid beings, notably caterpillar-rat-slugs and dragonfly-humming birds. Some real, some cartoon, some low-poly renders. They frolicked around the foliage with out purpose as if performing a choreographed production of a functioning ecosystem. They were careful to not go out of my sight which seemed to take on the cinematic aspect ratio of 2.35.1.

The shot panned upwards as I lent back to focus on the horizon. 3 camel-coyote-bulls were kicking up sand with their hoofs creating a cloud that threatened to block out the sun. They had spotted me. I had seen this shot before in the movie ‘Tracks’ set in the Australian desert. I remembered the protagonist, Mia Wasikowska, knowing that shooting the beasts was the only option. The shot panned down as I looked around for my gun. I did not have one. I ran for the sand dunes behind me and the other desert animals retreated out of sight to their underground burrows. I thought that climbing the highest sand dune was my safest bet assuming the now fast approaching camel-coyote-bulls could not climb. As I scaled the dune it began to take the form of a climbing wall with a steepening incline, passing a 90 degree vertical and eventually settling as an overhang. The climbing holds were crumbling into sand as i gripped them, meaning I had to change positions to avoid falling. As I hung on for my life the growing pack of camel-coyote-bulls were gathering around underneath me waiting for me to make a wrong move.

Hours went by and the pack slowly dispersed as one by one the camel-coyote-bulls got bored and wandered off and over the horizon. I was getting tired holding my own weight and very thirsty in the hot sun.By the time my arms finally gave way and I fell down to the ground beneath me only one camel-coyote-bull remained. I grabbed its ears, twisted its head round 360 degrees and pulled it clean off. I wanted to make the death as quick as possible to avoid unnecessary pain for the camel-coyote-bull.Holding the decapitated head up to my face and staring into its lifeless eyes I heard a voice behind me from my friend Alex. She had come to alleviate my guilt. She began pulling animals from their tunnels and killing them the same way I had. She explained that she was collecting their bones, horns, hoofs and and antlers to take back as souvenirs for her freakishly tall brother Max, a reptile and insect enthusiast. I pulled the horns from the camel-coyote-bull carcass and pocketed them. I thought I might as well help Alex with her gathering of souvenirs so I began killing more animals to harvest their remains.

The last thing I remember was feeling amused at how much I had changed over the course of the dream, from admiring the fragile ecosystem to destroying any and every breathing thing that I could get my hands on, I was a lean, mean, ruthless killing machine. Unstoppable, Remorseless and still quite thirsty.